TAL BACHMAN Masquerade

Welcome to joseaponte lyrics TAL BACHMAN Masquerade Lyrics, singer by TAL BACHMAN

From the moment I dreamt you
I saw your face in every picture around
Saw your face in every faceless crowd

From the moment I loved you,
Long before I’d even met you at all,
I knew this day was going to come

I don’t want to lose you by telling you the truth

So I could lie just a little
Talk to you in riddles
Play the whole charade

I could stay in the middle
Play you like a fiddle
I could masquerade

But I won’t hide from you darling
I’ve got to make it clear
I’m not all that you’re thinking
I’m not how I appear

It’s a risk I’m taking
I’m trying to be myself so you see
While I’m trying to be a better me

There’s no hesitating, I’ll do what I should

I won’t blind your eyes, I won’t see you surprised
I won’t lie to you baby, you’ve got to realize

And now that I’ve won you
Gonna give you everything that you need



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